Saturday, March 28, 2009

I love Blueberries

One of Lauren's new favorite things is to eat frozen fruit out of her mesh feeder. Its kinda like a pacifier that you has a mesh bag on the end and you can put food in it. Lauren really loves peaches and blueberries. The blueberries definitely require clean up!!!!

Brayton's First Day Out

It was the best week ever! Our buddy Brayton got to go home from the hospital for the first time ever!!!! Another member of our online group is a professional photographer and she was there to capture the day for them. And what's the first thing that any boy does when he gets out of the hospital...he goes to the beach! Here's Brayton's first trip out...with his mom and dad.
If you want to see more pics...check out

Saturday, March 21, 2009

What a day!!!!!!!

My nephew, Cole, is visiting for the weekend. He is going to be nine in April and has always come to stay with me. He kinda got neglected during my pregnancy and since Lauren was born. We started to make up for that this weekend!
He signed up to take a class about sea turtles at the zoo this morning. I dropped him off and Lauren and I went to visit Brenda and Morgan. I had planned on just picking Cole up at the gate, but the building where his class was was in the middle of the zoo. So, we ended up spending a couple of hours at the zoo! It was awesome! We are so lucky to have the zoo in Omaha!

We had to stop at Kohl's to buy Cole a swimsuit b/c we were going to go swimming at the Y on the way home to relax, but it was closing in a half hour. We also had to stop by Target for a cruise down the toy aisle.

When we got home, we actually worked out in the garage for a little while. Cole entertained Lauren while I drug our old lawn mower out to the end of our driveway. It is broke, so we put a "free to a good home" sign on it. I was doing a little rearranging and cleaning in the garage and before I was done, someone was looking at the lawn mower. It was gone before bathtime!

Now Cole and I are enjoying popcorn, hot apple cider and Return of the Jedi! Tomorrow we are going to church and then meeting the rest of the Siebrecht's in Sioux City!

8 Months Big!

Oh, gosh! Where does the time go? It just keeps going faster, too, it seems. Lauren turned 8 months old on Friday! She's at just around 21 pounds...down a little from 7 months, but she hasn't been feeling good. She has her bottom two front teeth. Thursday night she was sitting in a little chair facing me in the rocking chair and she put her hands on my knees and just stood up. Just like that! She looked at me, smiled and plunked back down!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

News about our buddy, Brayton!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We are so excited to tell everyone that our little buddy, Brayton, gets to go home with his mommy and daddy on Tuesday, March 24!!!!!!!!!!!! His mommy and daddy are going to go to San Fran on Friday to visit and when they come home, Brayton will get to come with them!!!!!!! We are so excited!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Another Milestone

We installed Lauren's "Big Girl Seat" in my car for the ride to Grandpa and Grandma T's on Friday to see how it went. Besides looking so small in it, I think she enjoyed.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Where do the weeks go?

Things have been ultra busy around here that the weeks are zooming by! Lauren and I spotted a robin out her bedroom window Saturday morning. She's so excited that that means that spring is coming. She knows we are going to be outside more and more. We walked down to see our neighbor's horses on Friday night and she was very interested in them. Then she heard the train whistle blow and got that "OHHHHHHH" look on her face and was busy trying to find it!

She spend the night with Grandma and Grandpa Holm Saturday night so mommy could get a lot of her grad school work done. One chapter left to go! Graduation is May 17th!!! Only 1.5 class days left! I can't wait. She had fun at Grandma and Grandpa's.

Sleeping has been an adventure this week. We don't know if its the time change, the weather, teeth, tummy, ears, the temp in her room. We have decided that we are just a part of a big science experiment! Last night we got a 4 hour stretch w/ the ceiling fan on, so we think she may be too warm. She's always been a warm body!

Our next to last aquatot class was tonight. She thought she was a big girl tonight because she used her skills to blow bubbles. She thought was really funny until she gulped some water, but after a sec she didn't mind that so much either. At the end we were having play time and she stood up all by herself! We will be sad when class is over next week! One of the bonuses is that we get to spend some time with our friends Kelli and Kamryn!

We are going to Grammy and Grampy T's this weekend! We are excited because Cousin Cole has a dance recital Friday night and his Boy Scouts pinewood derby on Saturday. Then Mike and I are going to go out for supper and maybe a movie to celebrate our anniversary! Plus I don't have to go to work on Friday!

And I wonder why the weeks go so fast...