Sunday, April 26, 2009

Cadre XVI

Today was the last official day of class for Cadre XVI of Doane College. We have been working together (and I do mean together) to earn our Master's Degrees in Educational Leadership since June of 2007. Since then, nine (almost half) of us have added a baby to our families and two people are getting married this summer...not to each other, though! Our group has been simply amazing and we wouldn't have made it through without eachother.

We celebrated today by sharing our School Improvement Projects (a version of a thesis), quotes and summaries of our learning and sharing memories of our two years and things we were proud of. The tears started early, thanks to Amber, and continued through the end. There was even some "Man Mist" involved from the guys. Then we moved venues to LaMesa and continued our celebration with some cervasas and marjaritas! It was a fantastic day despite the torrential rain!

I am amazed by these people everyday. So thanks to Sarah Schau (my carpool), Justin Haberman, Jessie Kent, Sara Holland, John Deeney, Diane Beninato, Brandi Uher, Amber Johnson, Ryan Broshar, Rob Mason, Brent Schade, Shelley Schmitz, Deb Garrison, Dade McDonald, Mike Sortino, Amy Murray, Rhonda Martin, Liz Flynn, Britnie Cox and Amber Johnson for a great two years!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

It was 80 today!!!!!!!!

We went outside and played! It was awesome!

Monday, April 20, 2009

9 Months

The big girl is 9 months today! She is gobbling the table food (chicken and honeydew among some faves) and getting up on all threes and is trying to crawl.
We go to the doctor tomorrow for our check up, so I will update with stats later.

Sunday, April 19, 2009


With some down time (yeah!!!) on our hands, Lauren and I got to spend some quality time playing in the living room. We decided that we should work on the big girl skill of crawling. Lauren gets up on "all three" but just can't quite figure out how to get the "fourth" one in the right place.

The Easter Bunny brought her a "Stand and Go" so she could start practicing her walking. She wants nothing to do with that. If you hold her up to it, she hold her legs up and it looks like she is sitting down. However...she does like it in the "go" position and rides the little car. Of course, the only gear that it has is reverse as she hasn't discovered forward yet in her walker either!


We had a great time at Easter in Marathon with all of our family. Grandma and Grandpa Holm even drove all of the way to help us celebrate.

Caleb's Day at the Zoo

Caleb came down to stay with us over Spring Break. On 4/9, we braved the 45 degree weather and headed to the zoo. There is so much to do inside that we ended up having a great day. Lots of times when it is cooler out, the animals are more active and showing off for the crowd.

Sorry that it took me so long to get this posted, Bubby, the pics were on my camera and I kinda forgot about them!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Breakfast with Daddy

Thursday was Mike's day home with Lauren. This picture arrived on my email around 10:00.

It brightened my day to know what a good morning they were having!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Off Roadin'

Lauren and I went for an ATV ride this afternoon. She would have ridden forever, but it was a bit chilly with the wind blowing. It was awesome to be at my mom and dad's...Lauren came up on Thursday - after meeting Grandma in Denison. Mommy got one night of being home alone and then Mommy and Daddy went on date night Friday night (can you say Kobe Steakhouse - yummy). Cousin Caleb had been down earlier in the week (post coming, but the pic is at home), so we have had a busy Spring Break! We will be celebrating Easter tomorrow in Marathon with our family before heading home for one more day of vacation! Then Mommy has 29 more days of school left!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!