Friday, February 27, 2009

What a Week!

I feel horrible that I haven't posted for the week, but its been one of those fast and short weeks. Lauren and I were at Grammy and Grampy's from Friday until Tuesday helping Grampy heal from his surgery and making Grammy's life easier. Lauren had an upper respiratory infection and tonsilitis whilw we were there. When we got back, it was immediately back to the grind. Wednesday was Mike's birthday and our traditional pilgrimage to Denny's! Thursday was Survivor with my "Y" girls. Tonight we are taking a 1/2 hour bath and hoping going to bed peacefully so I can complete my assignments for class on Sunday (only three left!!!!!!!!) Before class on Sunday, however, my sister and some of her friends are coming down for Mardi Gras on the Western Iowa wine trail on Saturday! I am so excited!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Kissing Linda

Lauren sure misses her Great Aunt Linda while she is in San Fran for the winter. They were video chatting this morning and Lauren thought she needed to give Linda lots and lots of kisses!
We had a great day at grammy and grampy's. Grampy is getting around pretty good on his new hip. He has to sleep in the lounger because the bed isn't comfy yet. Tony and Tina brought over yummy enchilada's for supper. Of course, there were some cards played! Nyle, Tina and Amy beat Lou, Ruth and Tony in a down to the wire squeaker!

Friday, February 20, 2009

7 Months Old!

Here's a pic of the big girl today on her 7 month birthday! She weighed in at 22lbs. 5 oz. and measured 26.5 inches. We are going to have to switch to her convertible car seat next week! She is pulling up to stand if you hold her hand, has perfected the front to back roll - finally, and can feed herself a whole bottle without making too big of mess. Kathy (daycare goddess) says crawling is close on the horizon!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Pics from Aquatots

Mike was able to go to aquatots class with us last night and got some pics taken.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Prayers for Grampy

Grampy John is having a hip replacement surgery on February 16. Please say a little prayer for a speedy recovery. Lauren is going to stay with Aunt Lou and the boys for the day. I'll hang out with mom and Julie as long as I can before we have to head south. I am going to work this week as normal and then take some days off next week to help mom out once dad comes home!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

We have a CHOMPER!!!

Tonight when we took a break during Aquatots to warm up, my mommy discovered that I have a tooth that has come all of the way through!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have a chomper!!!! It makes me feel like such a big girl. What my mommy thinks is funny is how my runny nose and cough disappeared today. Its funny how those things can be affected by little things like teeth! Its crazy! I seem to be doing ok...I was a little crabby during swimming lessons, but the water was kinda cold, too. I slept all of the way home and let mommy get everything ready for tomorrow's adventures. Then she gave me some medicine to help me feel good and I chugged a bottle and went to sleep! I hope that I sleep all night because mommy has been getting up with me a lot and she is really tired.

I also need to ask everyone to pray for my grammpy...he is going to have surgery soon!

Friday, February 6, 2009

0 to 60!!!!

Monday it was zero and today it was sixty...that's Iowa for ya! I hustled buns to get home from work in time for a quick walk with Lauren. It was the first time she had ridden big girl style in her stroller. Previousily, all other rides were in the infant seat attached to the stroller. She liked it a lot, although I have to figure out how to make it sit up a little more. We attached some toys (including a book) with her linky doos and off we went. We got almost to town and the sun started going down and it started to cool off really fast, so we had to head home. The sun was just setting as we pulled in the drive and I snapped this pic.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Tonight was the first meeting of the Aquatots class at the Lied Center in Bellevue. Our friend, Kamryn, and her mommy, Kelli, asked us to sign up and go with them. Mommy and Kelli teach school together. Our friend, Chase, and his mommy, Casey, were there too! Our teacher's name is Laurie and one her kids was in Janelle's class a few years ago.

We had a great time kicking, front floating and back floating! We even "jumped" in off the side at Humpty Dumpty time! It was awesome and we can wait to go back next week! And we really can't wait to tear it up at the local pools this summer! At Grammy's, too!

Kelli's husband took some pics, so I hope to post some later!