Friday, May 29, 2009

Prayers for my friend

Many of you have heard me talk about my wonderful friend, Julie and all she has been through in the past 18 months or so. First of all, she survived being on bedrest for most of her pregnancy to bring her healthy little Cooper the Pooper to the world. Then, Cooper decided to make himself even more memorable and have Acid Reflux and Colic. This allowed Julie to survive for about 9 months getting sleep for 45 minutes at a time while still maintaining friendships around the country, a job and being an amazing wife to Bob.

This week she found out she has Breast Cancer. A friend of hers caused her to get a mammogram and they found some things. She is now in the process of finding out the best course of treatment and where to get started at. To me, where to start is easy - knowing that she has all the support, friendship and prayers that one person could ever need!

I would really appreciate you adding her to your prayers in which ever form that you do them!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The 10 Month Girl!

Okay, so I took the picture last night...but Lauren was off to grammy and grampy's this morning and I didn't know if she would be up before I left. I was also a bad mommy and forgot to weigh and measure her! But here is the ten month girl!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Big Weekend!

Holy moly! What a weekend! I am in a happy state of total exhaustion right now, thanks to being up most of Saturday night w/ Lauren and her upset tummy.

We had a beautiful day at the zoo! It was a bit cool, but very tolerable. Everyone was tired, but enjoyed a great supper at Kobe Steakhouse.

Today was graduation at the beautiful outdoor amphitheater at Doane College. I have posted an album on facebook if you want to check more out. It was an honor for me to have Mike and Lauren, my mom, my sister and the boys and Mike's parent's, Kathy and Larry, there to share with me!

Right now its off to bed! 5 more days of school!

Friday, May 15, 2009

We're goin' to the zoo tomorrow!

There is a Raffi song out there that says, "We're goin' to the zoo tomorrow, zoo tomorrow, zoo tomorrow. We're going to the zoo, zoo, zoo you can come too, too, too!"

I am excited that my mom, Julie, Cole, Caleb and Cody are coming tomorrow and we are heading to the zoo. This will be my mom and Cody's first trip and Mike's first trip with Lauren. I am really excited!

Then we are heading to Kobe Japanese Steakhouse for supper...I can taste the shrimp already. The boys are going to think the show is so much fun!

Graduation on Sunday!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

We had a great Mother's Day!!! I had breakfast in bed of my favorite cream cheese coffee cake made by a local baker/barista! All four grandparents and Great Grandma Holm joined at church because our church has a tradition called "Cradle Roll" where they recognize the small children that they are looking after. I really like our church and was excited to have all of my family visiting.

Then we came to our house and grilled hamburgers and hot dogs for lunch. I am usually the grillmaster, but Mike stepped in, as I had lots to do inside. Lauren entertained Great Grandma by showing off her big girl eating skills - no more baby food here! We enjoyed a fantastic lunch.

Then Lauren got really grouchy and we realized that she hadn't pooed for a couple of days. We had to take some interventions and spend some time cuddling in the chair. Things "worked out" and we even got some picture time in. Lauren and I had some girl bonding as Mike went to supper with an old friend. But he brought me home Thai Chicken pizza!!!! YUMMY!

Graduation this weekend!
9 days of school left!
Life is good!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Another Great Weekend

On Friday, I headed to my mom and dad's to meet Lauren who had been there since Wednesday! It was the start of a fantastic weekend! After catching up with Lauren and getting her tucked into bed, my sister and I headed out for supper and some drinks. We ended up rememberin (and reliving) some old times.

On Saturday, Mom, Lauren and I went to Storm Lake to deliver puppies, get groceries and went to the Villager for lunch. Then we had a farm afternoon! Linda, Joe and Lexi came to visit. We grilled pork chops for supper and then had a bonfire in the driveway - first S'mores of the summer!

After hanging out for a little bit Sunday morning, Lauren and I headed for home because she hadn't seen her daddy for a week because he was out of town! After Mike got caught up on his smooches (for both of us) we headed to Omaha for supper with Grandpa and Grandma Holm and Great-Grandma Holm to celebrate Grandpa Holm's birthday. Then just some chill time before Mike left for work!