Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Cutest Cow in the World

We took Lauren to Great-Grandma Holm's this afternoon for a little Trick or Treating. We are going to be Trick or Treaing in Sioux Rapids, so we had to go see her! We were going to see the Walls', but Janelle was sick, so we stayed away!

Friday, October 23, 2009

If its not one thing...

...its another.

Lauren has been handling getting her new teeth fairly well. We only have the dreaded "I" teeth left and we'll be done for a while. She gets a little crabby and we give her some Motrin and she's good.

She had some sinus issues for a while...nothing a little Sudafed couldn't fix.

But now, we are having sleep issues...for like the second time ever. I will not complain too loudly because I have friends (love ya Julie) whose baby's have had sleep issues pretty much since the beginning. And I know I am making it bigger in my head that it really is. It just worries me.

Lauren had become a night owl...being ready for bed between 9 and 10. She'd sleep all night and get up around 8 or when I had to wake her about 6:15 for daycare. Then, for 5-6 nights in a row she was an absolute bear to get to sleep. Kicking, screaming, etc. and it resorted in many car rides to finally get her to sleep. I knew this was a habit that I didn't want to get too deep into.

After consulting many knowledgable mommies, including the Daycare Goddess, Kathy, I tried putting Lauren to bed way early - like 7 - thinking that she was getting overly tired. I have tried that for 2 nights now. The first resulting in us being awake at 3:30 and the second at 4.

Tonight, we are meeting in the middle and going to bed at 8...I won't be far behind her!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Race for the Cure

Lauren and I, along with our friends, Brenda and Morgan participated in Omaha's Race for the Cure on today. At place where we started from it didn't look like there was a horde of people there, but as soon as we came up over the hill and could see 20,000 people it was inspiring. A great big lump came to my throat to see it! It was amazing to run into people we knew along the route - coworkers, friends and coworkers that are friends. The most amazing part was thinking about the 22,000 people that paid a minimum of $25 bucks to be there and how far that can go to finding a cure.

I walked in honor of my friend, Julie, who is currently kickin' cancer's a$$! I also had in my head Johnylyn Williams, who is the art teacher at our school and my friend Becky's mom (whose name is escaping my head right now) who are both survivors. I also thought about the friends and family who were walking "In Memory" of their loved ones who lost the battle, but are not forgotten.